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Who Are We?

Brazing is BrazeTec – BrazeTec is Umicore Brazing Technology

Many things that are familiar to us as aspects of daily life were once only envisioned by future-oriented companies. On the basis of such motivation, we develop, produce and sell products and solutions for the varying applications of joining technology that find use in a broad industrial environment – whether in the field of tooling technology, refrigeration and air-conditioning engineering, motive power engineering, plant construction, or installation and industrial engineering.Whenever the need arises to join metal in a technically reliable and highly economic fashion, you can count on us as experts in brazing technologies.

“Brazing is BrazeTec“ is our claim. We offer solutions that set standards, and products and technologies that point the way ahead, as well as a service that always centers on the interests of the client. We create connections that last – both technically and personally.

The Best Conditions for Your Success

Umicore BrazeTec is the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of top quality brazing alloys, brazing pastes and fluxing agents. Having emerged from Degussa Löttechnik, we are today part of the world’s leading metals and chemicals specialist, Umicore. Metals and chemicals denote our field of activity in joining technologies – a field in which Umicore offers an optimal milieu for innovation and stability.

BrazeTec is Umicore Brazing Technology. Your Partner in Brazing Technology.
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