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Brazetec Filler Metals for Brazing Without Cadmium

The silver brazing filler metals listed on this page can be used directly for service temperatures of - 200 to + 200 ° C as a general rule. They are suitable for all types of steel, copper, copper alloys, nickel and nickel alloys.

BrazeTec Comet - High-Carb Casting Sticks, Cadmium-Free

BrazeTec's extensive range of cadmium-free braze solders also include BrazeTec coated CoMet rods (Coated Metal). The flux used for the coating is FH 10 type according to DIN EN 1045 and is free of boric acid. Please refer to the indications on solder fillings for the coated rods. Due to the coating, the silver content of these rods is lower than that of bare solder rods. The composition of the rods themselves (without the coating) obviously corresponds to the composition specified for the brazing metals without cadmium.

BrazeTec Cupro-Phosphorus Supply Metals for Brazing Copper

These products are suitable for service temperatures between -70 and + 150 ° C. The cuprophosphorus filler metals listed on this page have been specially designed for assembling copper or copper alloy parts (brass, bronze, red brass). Flux use is not required for brazing two copper parts with these filler metals given their phosphorus content. Neither are they suitable for (Fe) steels or nickel alloys because of a brittle phase. BrazeTec S2 and BrazeTec S94 filler metals are authorized (DVGW, the German Association of Water and Gas Experts) for the installation of copper pipes.

BrazeTec BrazeTec BrazeTec Special Applications Supply Metals..

BrazeTec 7200 and BrazeTec 6009 filler metals can be used for both air soldering with flux addition and for furnace brazing in a protective atmosphere without flux. BrazeTec 6009 is used with BrazeTec flux spezial h for brazing special steels. For use under vacuum, a brazing temperature of 900 ° C should not be exceeded in order to avoid the volatilization of silver. The brazing temperature depends on the base metals.

Brazetec Multilayer Filler Metals for Soldering Hard Metals

For soldering hard metals, BrazeTec has developed special multilayer filler metals that can compensate for internal stress caused by differences in thermal expansion coefficient. For complex applications requiring very high shear strengths, BrazeTec recommends the BrazeTec 49 / Cuplus filler. The final strength of the brazed joint is conditioned by the strength of the base metal.

Brazetec Filler Metals for Soldering Hard Metals

The specified filler metals are suitable for soldering hard metals and hard-to-wettable materials, such as tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum or chromium. The final strength of the brazed joint is conditioned by the strength of the base metal.

Brazetec Auxiliary Metals for Active Soldering of Ceramics

BrazeTec filler metals for soldering require a brazing temperature of at least 850 ° C to allow the assembly of ceramics. Higher temperatures may improve wetting. Brazing is carried out under pure argon (4.8) or under vacuum (<10-3 mbar). For use under vacuum, a brazing temperature of 900 - 1000 ° C should not be exceeded in order to avoid the volatilization of silver.

Brazetec Supply Metals for Aluminim Brazing

In general, BrazeTec solid solders and pastes for aluminum brazing can be used for both open-air brazing and protective atmosphere brazing.

Brazetec Flux for Brazing Strong

The choice of flow depends on the working temperature of the filler metal and the base metals. The working temperature or the melting range of the filler metal must be within the active temperature range of the flux. As a general rule, flows are supplied in the form of paste. Some types, however, also exist in powder form. For particular applications, the required flow can be manufactured on demand.

Brazetec Anitflux Paste

BrazeTec Antiflux ASV prevents the wetting of the filler metal on surfaces that must not be wet and thus allows very precise soldering.

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BrazeTec Nickel-Based Solder Paste

Modern application systems can be used for virtually all known nickel-based powders. The products listed above are part of the standard range. Application areas for BrazeTec nickel-based brazing pastes include heat exchangers and automotive equipment.

BrazeTec Solder Paste with Silver Base

BrazeTec silver-containing solder pastes containing flux can be used for the brazing of all steels, copper and copper-nickel alloys. They can be applied by means of a distributor and / or by a screen printing process. In the case of stainless steels, there is a risk of contact corrosion due to the zinc content of these products. The solder pastes listed above are part of the standard assortment and are available with or without flux. Other alloys are available on request.

BrazeTec Copper Solder Paste

The CuproBraze® process has been specifically designed for flux-free soldering of copper-brass radiators in a protective atmosphere. The filler metal used is a copper-phosphorus alloy. Assemblies as well obtained have a high resistance, even at high operating temperatures. This process is further distinguished by its low cost. The various solvent-based pastes can be applied to the tubes by spraying (BrazeTec CST 600 TD) and on the lamellae by roller processes (BrazeTec CSF 600 TD). BrazeTec CSH 610 TD is used for brazing tubes on joining plates. Solder pastes can also be used for Cu-Cu solders.

BrazeTec Pastes for Active Brazing

BrazeTec active solder pastes are made of approximately 85% metal and are suitable for depositing with a dispenser and / or screen application. On request, all solders can also be supplied with a different Ti content.

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Brazetec Soldering Paste for Installation Work

BrazeTec Degufit 3000 and BrazeTec Degufit 4000 soft soldering pastes are a blend of solder alloy powder, flux and binder. They are used as a stream. They contribute to a good filling of the area to be brazed and improve the resistance. They also prevent overheating of tubes and fittings, clearly visible when the temperature is reached. The application may require in some cases the additional addition of solder.

BrazeTec Braze Solder for Installation Work

BrazeTec 3 and BrazeTec 4 soft solder materials are approved for installation of DVGW copper pipes. They are delivered in a 250 g reel. BrazeTec Darifix 3 is mainly used in plumbing on construction sites.

BrazeTec Filler Metals for Soldamoll® Specialty Soldering

BrazeTec soldamoll special soldering materials have applications in many areas such as soldering brass, steel and copper components.

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